Run With Solar

Watch this 4 minute video to understand EXACTLY how this app will work for you:

As a solar consultant,we KNOW you’re busy.

We also know that you only want to speak with people who are seriously interested in going solar.

This App will save you time, and feed you data on your “hottest” or most engaged prospects.

Check Out Some Of The Highlighted Features Of The App Below! 👇


Send Trackable Information

With the RunWithSolar app, you can send information to someone that you already have interested in going solar and track when they are looking at the information.

This app is loaded with pages that does most of the heavy lifting for you, as far as explaining how solar works, etc. You simply select the contact, then pick from the pages / videos we have uploaded in the app to send to them.

When they open information, you will receive a notification on your mobile device. If they watch a video, the app will tell you how long they’ve watched it for. If they come back to the information a couple days later, you’ll get notified.

Get the idea? The app tracks all the activity your prospect takes, therefore making you a follow up MACHINE!


Get Conversations Started

You probably have some people in your phone contacts that you’d want to talk to about going solar, but you’re not 100% sure how to approach the situation, right?

We’ve loaded some of the BEST “conversation starter” scripts into this app, which will allow you to easily get someone open to hearing more about solar, without sounding too pushy.

It’s simple, select your contact, and then select which script you’d like to send to that person based on who you are, or how you know them. Once your script is selected, simply send it off, and wait for a response. The hard work is done, now that they are open to hearing more, send them some information!


Keep Contacts

As a solar consultant, we know you’re busy, and all you really care about is spending your time wisely. There is nothing worse than talking to someone who is not really interested in going solar…

This app will not only store all of your contacts data, but it will also rank your contacts for you; showing you who to prioritize following up with first, etc.

The more activity they take (the longer they watch the videos, the more they look at the info, the hotter your contact gets. You can easily sort by “hottest contacts” and spend your time following up with them first, as that is where your time is best spent.



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