Run with Solar


Knocked Door - No Answer

Knock a few doors in your day with no answer? Here is a great little flyer you can leave behind to entice the homeowner to reach back out to you. And of course, be sure to visit them again regardless of whether they reach out or not!


Giveaway Funnel FLYERS

These are great templates you can use in a variety of ways and pair perfectly with the "giveaway funnel" inside of your RWS System!... Give them out to people, leave outside homes, even put them inside local businesses that allow you to do so!



The classic business card is a must, we've just enhanced them with some enticing copy to push your prospect to take some action and reach out! ALWAYS have these on you, and give them out each and every day to help grow your solar business.



These pair perfectly with the "Savings Calculator" funnel that is available inside of your RWS system. Same deal as the giveaway funnel, give them out to people, leave outside homes, even put them inside local businesses that allow you to do so!



These are designed to pair with your "Dinner Seminar" funnel inside of your RWS system! Customize them to your specific date, seminar you are running - this is a tried and TRUE way of getting people to hear your pitch and go solar!



Do I need a canva account to customize these templates?

Yes you do, however you can setup a free account to customize any of these!


How Do I Print The Materials?

Canva offers a print service right inside of their software that we recommend you use for the sake of speed and ease! Simply customize your templates, and then order the quantity you want!


Do I Need To Have A "Run With Solar" account to use these?

Many of these templates pair with the "done-for-you" funnels that we provide to you inside of the marketing system, so the simple answer is yes, it would be extremely beneficial to have the system to use these print materials.


Can I Make My Own Templates?

For sure! Now that you've got canva, you can make as many templates as you'd like, and we encourage you to do so!


What Is The Best Template To Use?

This is really up to you and how you primarily market solar. The giveaway template is awesome because it gives people an enticing reason to go to your giveaway funnel URL (you capture their info), so we always recommend leaning on that one. However, dinner seminars work incredibly well too, so you decide what you'd like to do and maybe... Try them all out!